Seagull Apartments

Beautiful Furnished Apartments in Adamas, Milos

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Directions to Seagull Apartments if you pick up a rental vehicle from the Milos Airport:

  • From the airport's parking lot, drive toward the exit for approx. 100 m.
  • At the end of the driveway, turn right onto the coastal road.
  • Continue along the coastal road for about 5 km. until you get to the Adamas village center.
  • Turn left into the Adamas village center.
  • Continue driving along the waterfront, past the pier and the main pier. You will eventually come half-circle to Lagada beach on your left.
  • Continue driving straight past Lagada beach on your left and Lagada Beach Hotel.
  • Just after Lagada Beach Hotel, the road veers to the left, but you must continue straight on a narrow uphill street for about 70 m.
  • At the first intersection, make a sharp right turn (more than 180º) onto an uphill street.
  • At the end of the street at the top of the hill make a left turn, and continue for about 50 m. Seagull Apartments is on your left. Parking is a further 30m. ahead.
Map to Seagull Apartments